High Performance Computing (HPC) is revolutionizing data, science and business. That’s no marketing hype. The power that can be packed into a desktop or a laptop like the HP Z series with AMD and Microsoft Windows 10 is unprecedented, allowing the kinds of work that used to require scheduled time on a supercomputer to be completed at the kitchen table.

To make sense of how rapidly things are changing, and how it impacts our customers at Powerland, we spoke with several experts on the leading edge of High Performance Computing to hear their stories.


Lenny Isler HP Data Science, AI and VR

NASA used the HP Z Workstation to cut data calculations from 90 days to 90 minutes, allowing scientists to work from home. Hear how that ability is literally changing the practice of science.

“Thin and Light” is driving demand among data scientists for HPC laptops like the ZBook. Lenny talks about real world applications operating on terabytes of data from customers in life sciences and oil & gas.

Cloud computing is surging, but find out why it’s about to hit a wall of data from the Edge. Computing power is going to become critical for businesses to put closer to their sources of data and processing. And soon.

John Yunyk Powerland Marketing Specialist

Daily business functions are consuming ever more computing power, which can drag down productivity, particularly for remote workers. A recent ZBook refresh for Powerland’s marketing team illustrates the value of having power on the go.


For Powerland customers, HPC is critical in industries from architecture to film-making. Anywhere a worker needs to access or process data in leading computer applications, more power is the order of the day.


Kristin Hempstead HP Z Series Specialist

In education, for teachers and students distance learning is now the norm. Kristin talks about best practices for optimizing the distance learning experience for students and educators alike, and walks through some of the particular features of the ZBook lineup for fast and secure access to virtual classrooms and labs.

Powerland Specializes in High Performance Computing

Powerland is proud to partner with HP, AMD and Microsoft in providing Z series workstations and laptops to our customers. With industry-leading power and security features, we confidently recommend these computers to our most demanding customers. If you’d like to learn more about specific configurations or options for your application, contact Powerland today – info@powerland.ca, and one of our trusted solutions experts will help you in this new future of mobile computing. .